Below are hemp oil reviews from some of our customers.

*Please note: Due to FDA compliance guidelines, specific medical condition names have been removed from customer reviews and replaced with the wording "[health concern]". Additionally, we have replaced any review mentioning the term "CBD" with "Hemp Oil".

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Really like the product

Good Product

Purchased this originally in CA. Ordering direct is cheaper and much more convenient. Nice price, nice product.

Great stuff

Works well when I’m working out! Top shelf product - expected nothing less

Functional Remedies Nourishing Hemp Salve 1/2 oz + Functional Remedies Nourishing Hemp Salve 1/2 oz

Tincture Review

Use it every morning.

Good stuff

For me as an athlete, this does a great job of helping me keep my focus and calm my nerves under pressure situations.


Love this product and company service. It was recommended by my doctor and I’m not disappointed. I should add, I have not tried any other company nor product.

great product

outstanding product

Repeat Purchaser

My initial try with the 500mg was so successful I decided to try the 1000mg.


Work immediately

Real fine

I love the product, the people, and the quick response when my first shipment was lost. Beautiful!

It is very easy to order and works very well

Great product

Gave it to my father whos always had trouble sleeping, worked like a charm! Will be buying again.


Unbelievable product. Great to take before the first tee!

1000mg Hemp Tincture

My husband and I have great confidence in this company and have had great results!


My products were shipped and delivered promptly, and worked as advertised. I will be buying more from here in the future

Functional Remedies Hemp Tincture 500mg

The last ten days

I have been doing a lot of yard work this past week and have not been overly sore. Also i feel less anxiety. Looking forward to the next month and see if this feeling continues

Functional remedies

I think it I s the best product on the market! It tried 5 brands as of right now and choosing functional remedies as my hemp oil product

never miss a day

functional remedies company is constantly on the ball! with their fast service and congenial employees, i never run out of product. and that is important to me - i NEVER want to be out of hemp oil. i have worked up to the 1000 level and it has made such a difference in my life. at 86, not many products can claim that!
mary alice wilson, very satisfied customer

Consistent product!

Excellent quality.