April 26, 2018

One day almost three decades ago, Tim Gordon's dear friend put her arm around him and, with tears, said thanks.

Gordon, who has spent his entire career helping others heal through the power of hemp, had known her and her husband for years, having sat around campfires together and listened to stories about the lives they shared growing up in rural Ohio. Her husband, only in his late 40s at the time, had been a cigarette smoker and was diagnosed with a very challenging health issue affecting his lungs. During his medical battles to regain wellness, Gordon's friends had relied on the relief that comes from the compounds found in the hemp plant. It was Gordon who had helped them understand and access the highest-quality plants.

"The [health concern] progressed fast initially, and it was shocking to see him healthy one month, sitting across the fire, and see how he changed. She told me I really helped. She said going through [the traditional treatment methods] was really hell, and I really helped," Gordon remembered. "I was still young and inexperienced at the time, but I was moved by it and it made me cry."

The situation encouraged him to truly dedicate his life to learning, growing and improving the hemp plant to maximize its benefits for humans and animals alike. Today, he is the CSO of Functional Remedies, a company that produces the most effective hemp oil dietary supplement on the market today.

Gordon's long history and skills with the medicinal benefits of hemp played a crucial role in the development of the current products, which include hemp oil capsules, hemp tinctures, hemp oil for sale, and a hemp salve. No other company has access to Gordon's unique knowledge of genetics, growing techniques, processing methods and understanding of legislative policies. Just as he worked to help his friends so many years ago, today he is doing the same on an even bigger scale.

"I really get into the science of [hemp], the science of organic healing," Gordon said. "I've finally gotten there with the team of visionaries and professionals we have here at Functional Remedies. We all have a singular focus on reaching and helping the world."

Roots Reach to Ohio Cornfields

Gordon, 45, started working with the hemp family of plants years ago. Over the years, he said, he's learned about how the plant can really help people and also hinder people.

"I got to learn how this plant works and see how it works in different places and within us," he said. "I was constantly learning about the plant as to why it needed certain things and why it worked optimally with those certain things."

For example, the hemp plant reacts to the sunlight patterns in certain parts of the nation, and the "buddy crops" that are used as cover after harvest must not leech the needed nutrients out of the soil. Like all agricultural crops, there are so many variables that must be sorted to produce the healthiest, most productive plants.

"There's no 'Jack and the Bean Stalk' seed you just put in the ground," he laughed.

Groundbreaking Work in Colorado

In 1996, Gordon and his family – his wife, Jennifer, with whom he is raising three children – moved across the nation to Colorado, where just five years later medicinal marijuana was legalized. Drawing on his early experience with his friend battling cancer, Gordon helped start the Front Range National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). The non-profit agency worked through state legislative issues regulating the medical use of these plants.

In 2007, he opened one of the first dispensaries in the nation, called Medicinal Gardens in Fort Collins, Colorado. His mission was to provide top-grade plants for folks battling a wide array of health issues. Sometimes he'd even get in his car and deliver orders to his customers who were too sick to drive themselves to his dispensary.

"I was changing lives at that point, it was more empowering than anything," he said. "It was so cool to hear from a spouse or the kids of someone who was helped by my products, just saying thanks. It was just amazing."

It was that feedback, coupled with his deep understanding of the plant, that encouraged him to branch out and work on a higher level to spread the knowledge about how powerful the plant is for those who are suffering. He decided to sell his dispensary and provide consultation work for companies throughout the hemp industry.

In 2014, a company called Functional Remedies LLC approached him to help with their propagation laboratory for growing phytonutrient-rich hemp for health and overall well-being. Soon, he was on the staff full time as part of the growing team.

Focusing on Functional Remedies

At Functional Remedies, he first served as the operations director, sharing secrets and skills he'd learned over the years of hands-on cultivation and study. With his breeding techniques and vision, the company soon expanded from producing the raw hemp plant material to creating highly effective products under the FR brand.

"We do things completely different, and it comes from my many years of researching this plant," Gordon said. "I studied the entourage effects in the plant and the synergistic effects on us, and what processes are the best. Over the years of trial and errors, I think I've found the best one. We have the most highly effective cannabinoid products in the country."

Functional Remedies produces hemp oil with hemp plants that have a genetic strain (Gordon was one of the few who contributed to the mapping of the hemp genome for science) that offers the highest level of cannabinoids with less than 0.3 percent THC. As a result, the hemp tinctures and capsules do not result in any psychotropic "highs" like medical marijuana does.

Once the hemp plants are grown on Functional Remedies' organic farm in Colorado, they are transferred a few hours to the Functional Remedies laboratory, where technicians use the entire hemp plant (its flowers, leaves and parts of the stem) in a gentle lipid infusion processing method. With Gordon's leadership, the team avoids the harsh chemicals and pressurized processes used by other companies in the industry. Instead they focus on preserving as much of the natural benefits of the hemp plant in its final products, which are tested for quality and potency many times before sold online atwww.functionalremedies.com.

Continuing to Help Others Feel Better Every Day

Now the CSO of the company, Gordon stays busy expanding the product line and overseeing the team of 26 dedicated professionals on his staff. He also has remained active in the legislative issues that are happening on a national level in regard to the legality of hemp. Of course, hemp products have always been legal to produce, buy and ship anywhere in the United States.

For his work, he has been featured in numerous magazines, published his own articles and was even featured in a Newsweek article on his work with the hemp genome.

"It's amazing how much it has changed from those days in the cornfield to now looking at the DNA of the hemp genome structure, wow," he said.

Still, Gordon spends as much quality time as he can with his family, which includes 12-year-old Sophie and his sons Dawson, 10 and Jasper, who's 8. Along with Jennifer, they enjoy being outdoors, skiing, camping and fishing.       

His children also love learning about agriculture and the unique qualities of the hemp plant, he said.

"It's already in their blood. They're down on the farm with me, touching the plants and learning about them from the medical side," he said. "My son Dawson has an incredible interest in farming. We're talking about starting a Future Farmer's of America Hemp Organization at a local school."

Tim Gordon Family

Of course, Gordon remains motivated by stories like the thanks he received from his friend whose husband battled cancer back in Ohio. He talks with people every day explaining why hemp oil is a safe and natural alternative to many chemical pharmaceuticals, which have more side effects and overdose deaths than hemp over its entire history.

He's also continuing to work toward comprehensive legalization efforts for hemp throughout the nation.

"It's not going to stop," he said. "Now, doctors can prescribe hemp compound drugs for specific ailments. My passion is for these people and how the plant helps them. I have to make sure this industry will stay."

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